Salt x TIAY: Q&A with Salt Co-Founder Chelsea Parker

Salt x TIAY: Q&A with Salt Co-Founder Chelsea Parker

Salt x TIAY: Q&A with Salt Co-Founder Chelsea Parker

How did you come up with the concept for Salt and what is your vision for it?

Salt exists, like many ideas before ours, as a solution to our own problem. We’ve set our sights on building a contribution to our personal sustainability journeys while creating recognition and rewards for those contributions. When we started our search we were able to find plenty of climate offset companies, but we weren’t able to find a single platform out there promoting a carbon neutral lifestyle through innovative offset projects that would also grant us access to perks as a reward for the positive steps we were taking. So we decided to build it. We’ve created what finally feels like a real solution for people - a platform that contributes to our personal sustainability journeys while allowing us to celebrate who we are and what life has to offer.

What are you looking for in the brands you curate?
The Salt offers and brand partners are extremely curated. We are picky about who we partner with because we know there are enough platforms out there providing discounts from EVERY brand they can, which ultimately continues the destructive cycle of promoting consumerism. We partner with brands that we believe our members know and love, or will want to know and love. You'll find that the majority of our brands are sustainable in their own right, but that we are the first step in the right direction for some and (within reason) are happy to be that, especially if it is a brand that our members are already interacting with. We believe in a judgment free zone for our members, and try to extend that same grace to brands that want to become more sustainable by partnering with Salt.
Why do you believe it’s important to guide consumers in making more mindful purchasing decisions?
As consumers, we have the power to shape the market. By collectively making mindful purchasing decisions, consumers can drive demand for more sustainable, ethical, and responsible products and practices. This, in turn, will incentivize businesses to adopt more environmentally and socially responsible approaches, ultimately leading to broader positive change across industries. Fingers crossed!
What do you believe brands and industries should do to better guide consumers in these decisions?

Brands and industries could take several steps to better guide consumers in making mindful purchasing decisions. I would love to see more transparent and accurate information, education and awareness, and price accessibility become a larger priority in guiding consumers.

About Salt
Salt is a sustainability platform that provides exclusive offers and discounts from brands of all kinds, and offsets carbon emissions every time those offers are redeemed. Salt was created to simplify how we offset our carbon footprint and reward those taking part in the climate crisis. We built Salt to inspire everyone to come together to solve the crisis and to incentivize them to do so.

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