Tomorrow In A Year (TIAY) – FAQ

What does the name Tomorrow In A Year stand for?
It stands for two things. First, we make legacy items – aka the raglan baseball tee - that you can wear for “longer than just a season”. Ideally, you buy them, make lots of great memories as you wear them and enjoy them until they fall apart. Second, “Life happens in moments”, don’t let it pass you by. Cherish the moments and memories you create because tomorrow in a year is already happening today.

Why a baseball tee?
Because good ones are hard to find. Our founder Yvonne used to practically live in her Double Bubble baseball tee when she was a fashion editor in New York in her 20s. She loved styling it in a gazillion ways, dressed up for workdays of visiting showrooms and laid back on weekends for late breakfasts, dive bars or hanging with friends. For Yvonne, baseball tees hold lots of great memories. Ever since that time, she’s been on the lookout for high quality raglan baseball tees but could never find a good source, so she decided to make them herself.

Where and how are TIAY raglan shirts made?
Our baseball tees are made in the US with organic cotton from Texas, fabric from Massachusetts, and recycled paper packaging from Colorado. Our shirts are sewn in LA and shipped from Fresno, CA.

Why a US domestic supply chain?
We chose to do everything in one country to keep a clear overview of who our suppliers are and if possible, see how they work. It’s also an attempt to limit our carbon footprint. We hope to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and establish a mutual understanding of each other’s needs and challenges. That’s easier said than done by the way, but we’ve been incredibly lucky so far and hope to continue on that route. 

Why does a TIAY tee cost more?
Our baseball tees are high-quality items that are supposed to stay with you for a while. Every shirt starts with organic cotton fiber from US domestic farmers that can be traced back to the farm. Our suppliers look back on generational expertise in quality textiles and focus on eco-conscious processes. The process, the partners we work with, and the fibers and fabric come with a higher price point. For example, the based on organic cotton fabric alone costs about $11 per square yard on average. There’s roughly one yard of fabric that goes into each tee. And that’s just the fabric… you have to add on thread and embroidery, dyeing and pre-shrinking (washing) the fabric, sewing the shirts and paying a fair price for the workmanship, packaging, labels and fulfillment… And that’s not even all of it. That’s why it’s important for us to show how valuable an item like this actually is.

Why is a TIAY raglan t-shirt better? How is it different?

  • Slow fashion = small minimums and launches
  • US domestic sourced
  • US domestic organic cotton, traceable back to the farm (learn more here)
  • US partners and suppliers with generational expertise in high quality garments
  • Made in LA

Is TIAY sustainable?
Based on industry standards and regulations, we cannot and don’t want to use the word “sustainable” in reference to our products and process. That’s because not every step in our supply chain is certified sustainable. It’s a goal we’re working towards, and it will be a journey. We established our base process and did the most we could, with our resources. We work with eco-conscious suppliers and processes. This is a step-by-step process that we’ll hopefully be able to accelerate as we grow. 

What causes or organizations does TIAY support?
We support the Los Angeles Garment Worker Center, are members of Textile Exchange and are wholehearted supporters of US domestic garment manufacturing in general for environmental and economical reasons. 

What’s your return policy?
We are happy to take back unworn, unwashed, and unaltered merchandise in sellable condition for a full refund, store credit or exchange shipped out within 14 days of you receiving the item.

What’s your intl. shipping policy?
Duties and taxes are included for international orders. Allow up to 3-4 weeks for international shipments from order date and depending on the selected shipping method. From the moment you purchase your tee until it’s delivered to you, may take up to one month and can vary by country. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we'll do our best to get your package to you and keep you posted on your its arrival.

If I’m supposed to wear the TIAY tee “as long as it lasts”, how long does it actually last?
That’s a great question that we want to test more ourselves. We’re “guestimating” it’ll last for four years but we haven’t done reliable testing as of yet. We’ll be thrilled to collect your feedback on quality and handling as you continue to wear your tee. Feel free to share your POV on this with us at

Anything we forgot to mention? Let us know at we’ll do our best to answer all your questions.