Artist Collaboration: Maria Aus

Artist Collaboration: Maria Aus

Artist Collaboration: Maria Aus

Maria Aus is a visual artist specialized in filmmaking & photography. For her art, she experiments with various media and techniques, creating thought-provoking art and often inspiring people to find a deeper meaning beyond even her own anticipation. 

What do you want to express through your creative work?
Love, always. I want people to feel it in each artwork I create. 

Which moments in life do you most enjoy? What helps you get into a creative mindset?
Traveling. It's always been traveling. Every place I visit changes something inside of me. It opens new doors aka gives me new perspectives. Meeting people, learning about new cultures, trying local food, walking for hours, meditating and observing life around me. Those are the most precious moments.

Do you have an item in your closet that holds a special memory?
Of course. I like building my wardrobe based on memories and values. Every item I own has its story. It could be my personal story or a story behind a brand that resonates with me. Sometimes it's both and that's the winner. 

What's the item and can you share the memory?
There is a black silk dress by ARCH THE that I bought a while ago when I was just walking around Los Feliz in LA. This piece became a very strong element of my wardrobe not only because of the quality and design, but because so many great things happened when I was wearing it. I remember my friend and I went to some local stand up club where I ended up participating in the show. Making people laugh felt exhilarating. The “impromptu improv” went quite well as a few people came to me afterwards asking if I do this for a living. So, I promised myself if I fail as a visual artist, I’d become a standup comedian. It would be a smooth transition as being a comedian is much like being a starving artist ;-)

Maria wears The Monochrome Short Sleeved tee in Washed Black 

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