Artist Collaboration: Kristy DeGina

Artist Collaboration: Kristy DeGina

Artist Collaboration: Kristy DeGina

Kristy DeGina is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer in Los Angeles specializing in interior design. Her signature style is bold, modern, textural, and monochromatic and she is a self-proclaimed “minimal maximalist”. Influenced by both east coast and west coast city living, she likes to consider her aesthetic a blend of Old Hollywood and New New York.  

What do you want to express through your creative work?
Comfort and style. I love to design spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Your home should be your most comfortable space that also reflects your personal style. With a blend of new and vintage, I try to push the definition of the neutral aesthetic in a dynamic way to create truly unique and timeless spaces that you can enjoy everyday. 

Which moments in life do you most enjoy that also get you into a creative mindset?
Slow mornings! Waking up early in a calming space and starting the day with a peaceful routine really maximizes my creative brain for the rest of the day. 

Do you have a clothing item in your closet that holds a special memory?
My closet holds so many amazing memories. I love fashion and so many of my memories are based off of what I was wearing during those experiences. 

If yes, what item? And, can you share the memory?
A basic black tee from the very first sample sale when I moved to LA. The sample sale culture back in the day was so fierce and fun that you never knew what was going to happen or what treasures you would find. Being overwhelmed by the competitiveness on my first go, I didn’t get much but I still have this soft black t-shirt that has been my fave ever since. I guess it’s considered vintage at this point and I will never let it go!

Kristy is wearing The Relaxed Tee in Washed Black/Vintage White

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